Below are some recent Healthcare-related training and seminar sessions run by Rio Consulting:

Creating A Supportive Environment while Addressing Behavioral Health

Participants will have increased knowledge on creating a comprehensive community support program

Coordinated Care: Integrating Medical, Behavioral and Psychosocial Services to Clients

Participants will have increased knowledge as to the management of chronic conditions and the impact that those conditions may have on a client’s mental health.

Understanding the Importance of Behavioral Health and Social Work in Health Care

Special consideration will be made to clients mental health needs, language to be used to help the client overcome issues of mistrust and how to use social workers to help link the client to services that will help the client achieve holistic wellness.

Mental Health and Creating a Solution Focused Supportive Network within a Family System

Clinicians will increase their knowledge on the fundamentals and benefits of using solution focused counseling to achieve the “SMART” goals expected from providers in today’s clinical settings.

Creating A Peer Support Network within A Care Coordination Framework

Participants will increase their knowledge on the different roles of peers and the provision of supervision to peer care coordinators and navigators in a care coordination setting.

An Effective Leader In A Diverse Workplace

Participants will learn managerial skills needed in a multicultural workplace environment and the value of differences regardless of gender, religion, health condition and other dynamic.

Assessment, Prevention and Intervention of Adolescent Mental Health Crisis -Creating a Supportive Environment for Work with Children

Participants will become familiar with strategies for engaging with adolescents and for assessing the need for crisis prevention interventions.

Continuing Education for Peer Supervision Providers

The purpose of the Peer Supervision Training Program is to bring together peer support providers from diverse cultural backgrounds to share past experiences as peer supervisors, learn from each other and come together with a common purpose of helping and supporting people in recovery through the best support groups.

Client Navigator Training

This is an entry level course designed to meet the growing demand of delivering high quality, coordinated care to clients who have multiple chronic and/or at risk diseases.

Care Coordinator: Duties, Requirements and Outlook

Participants will learn to assist the care team with setting goals for quality assurance and best practices.

Understanding the Impact of Pain on Mental Health-Creating A Supportive Environment for Staff and Clients

Participants will become familiar with strategies for assessing the pain and how to help staff and clients talk about pain.