Tenant Screening

Commercial or residential properties are vulnerable to a myriad of risk, including property damage and tenant safety. A property owner or management company should perform upfront extensive screenings on potential residents, tenants and employees such as Supers, custodians and Property Managers to avoid bottom line loses and potential negligent hiring lawsuits later. Screen for falsified data, identity theft, evictions and credit history. Rio Consulting Services has solutions that are streamlined, fast and accurate for a timely decision making process. Some solutions include:

  1. National Criminal Searches
  2. Statewide Criminal Searches
  3. National and Statewide Sex Offender Registry
  4. Biometric-Fingerprint Screenings
  5. Social Security Number Trace and Validation
  6. Professional Reference Check
  7. Employment Reference Check
  8. Vendor Employee Screenings, such as contractors, external partners, consultants
  9. County Court Civil Records Searches
  10. Federal Bankruptcy Searches
  11. Credit Report
  12. Watch List (OFAC)