Employment Screenings

Reduce risk and make sound hiring decisions with confidence. Our prescreening and post screening services include comprehensive criminal background checks to health screenings that are compliant with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA).

Criminal Background Checks

Identifying who could potentially be working for any company is making sure the individual is the right fit for the company.

Not all background checks are the same.  Some are inaccurate or incomplete.  Rio Consulting Services offers an electronic solution, where employers are able to request criminal records for with a fast turnaround time.  Searches can span from local to State and Federal records.  This service can provide insight on individuals.

SSN Trace

Verify the individual’s identity

Sex Offender Registry

Our search includes multi State registries with thousands of sex offenders’ records

National Criminal Database Search

Each State has their own way of recordkeeping criminal cases.  We can reduce your organization’s time in performing the searches and get results from all 50 States fast and with accuracy. Provides felony and misdemeanor history.

Federal Criminal Court Search

With access to 94 U.S. federal courts, we can access these records with a quick turnaround time, so that organizations can make sound hiring decisions.

7 Year County Criminal Court Search

Our partnerships with professional court runners can access county court records that have not been digitized and provide accuracy.

OIG/GSA Sanctions

Cross checks individual’s ability to work in contracts subject to Excluded Lists, Medicare, Medicaid and other federal or State funding.

Financial Sanctions Search

Ensures compliance with Sarbanes-Oxley, FDIC, the Patriot Act, and other financial institution regulations through the database searches that include OFAC, FDIC, the U.S. Office of the Comptroller and the Federal Reserve.

Terrorist Watch List Search

With access to the European Union’s Terrorist Watch List and INTERPOL, this provides a comprehensive look at the individual.


Employers and individuals can have a criminal background check search conducted with live scan equipment.

Health Screenings

We offer health screenings that can be customized to meet your industries’ and corporate requirements.  Schedule, design a health screening solution and receive results through the secured online member portal.


  • Ensures workplace safety measures
  • Comply with industry and governmental regulations
  • Identify drug and alcohol use early and refer employees appropriately with substance use issues
  • Obtain Workers Compensation discount programs
  • Prevent hiring those who use illegal drugs

Educational and Employment Verification

  • Ensures applicant does not misrepresent themselves in their resumes, applications with regard to work history or education level.
  • Helps determine if the individual is appropriate for the position and the job requirements.
  • Gives overview of individual’s knowledge, skills and abilities (KSA’s)

Motor Vehicle Records Search

  • Verify individual’s previous driving history
  • Confirm individual has the Class Type license required for the position
  • Ensures workplace and public safety
  • Can help in reducing insurance premiums