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riocs-icon-hireProfessional Training and Development

Rio Consulting Services offers organizations and their employees and individuals a range of topics focused on improving productivity, increasing skill sets and reducing costs.  As employees being a corporation’s best assets, investing in their learning and professional development is key to having engaged employees and improved retention.  We offer a high impact training that directly impacts an organization’s bottom line and promotes a positive culture within an organization.

Our training program offers professional learning programs for healthcare providers who seek to enter the social service arena or are seeking to upgrade their skill sets. Some of our training topics include:

Social Services

  • Care Coordination within a Changing Healthcare Community
  • Client Navigation
  • Cultural Competency
  • Understanding the Suicide in the LGBT Community
  • Homecare: Key Skills for an Effective Case Coordinator

Management Skills Development

  • Leadership Development
  • Developing Effective Managerial Skills
  • Customer Service: From an Internal Point of View
  • Increasing Team Effectiveness


  • Corporate Compliance and Ethics
  • Sexual Harassment in and out of the Office